Rent apartments in Kiev

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Terms of the settlement

Please let the manager , when you are planning to move into an apartment, so we can plan the work of the manager, who greets guests in the apartment.

30-40 minutes before settling call back and we will send you a sms with the exact address of the apartment, and at the specified time, you will meet our manager, will show the apartment, explain how the Internet works, TV and give you the keys .

You get one set of keys if you need two keys - arranging it with the manager. When you check into the apartment manager be sure to provide your passport or other convenient for you to document that proves your identity (passport , drivers license) .

Student ticket is not a document . You pay on the spot for the entire stay if the prepayment was included for the first day , it is subtracted from the total. Also, you paid the bail for the safety of the property ( if necessary).